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Berington Club strives to maintain its curb appeal by keeping a clean and beautiful neighborhood and by following our Architectural Control guidelines.  The association guidelines cover most external items from air conditioners to roofs, fences, painting colors and more.  

It is important to read through the guidelines before undertaking any modifications to the outside of your property.  These guidelines help clarify design, planning principals and the proper steps to ensure your project is approved and prevent any unnecessary re-work.  Click the link below to download the ACC Guidelines.

After reading through the guidelines and when you are ready to start your project please download, complete and submit the Architectural Modifications Application below to 


Mailbox Maintenance and Parts

Over time your mailbox will start to fade or parts may need to be replaced.  Per the Architectural Control guidelines mailboxes must meet certain requirements.  Berington Club has handymen that can perform maintenance on your mailbox should it need it.  The handymen are familiar with the requirements of the guidelines so you can rest assured that once the work is completed that you will meet the requirements.

Please contact Shawn Thornton at or (352) 343-0335 for assistance.

Note: Although the service has been negotiated through the Association, any work to be done is a private contract that is scheduled and contracted between you, the homeowner, and Don or Steve. It is encumbent upon the you, the homeowner to insure that the work to be done falls within the negotiated 'standard scope of work' price, and does not require any additional services or parts that would add to the quoted price.

Parts and Decals

If you would like to perform your own maintenance you can obtain the following parts through the management office by contacting Shawn Thornton at or (352) 343-0335.

  • Outgoing mail flag

  • Box to pole attachment bracket

  • Number and door decal set

The guidelines cover all other aspects such as paint color and decal specifications if you wish to perform all of the work yourself.

Note: If you choose to perform your own maintenance please follow the guidelines to ensure your mailbox meets the requirements.  This will prevent you from having to perform any rework such a repainting or replacing decals.

Additional Berington Club Documents

Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions, Definitions, Property Rights and additional legal documentation can be found in the following document.

House Painting

Berington Club has recently moved to an online color book through Sherwin Williams.  As with all external modifications, you should submit an Architectural Modification Application to the ACC, and receive approval, prior to painting.

The Sherwin Williams site is linked below. 

After reviewing the options, it is recommended to visit Sherwin Williams to obtain paint swatches of your desired color scheme.  Monitor display color, resolution and printing can cause colors to look different than they actually are.  Paint swatches will allow you to compare colors in direct sunlight.

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